New South Wales

New South Wales

Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with:

an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III

government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas.

Please test your eligibility using the interactive Eligibility Checker found on the Smart and Skilled website.
You can get an estimate of your course fee in the Course Finder.
If you have any concerns regarding eligibility, please contact Newskills on FREECALL 1800 621 684

NSW Smart and Skilled Subsidy and Student Fee 2017

Course Code QualificationTraineeshipApprenticeship1st Qualification2nd or Further QualificationConcession
AHC20416Certificate II in HorticultureNANA$1,120.00$1,340.00$160.00
AHC30716Certificate III in Horticulture$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
BSB30115Certificate III in Business$1,000.00NA$1,320.00$1,580.00$240.00
BSB30415Certificate III in Business Administration$1,000.00NA$1,320.00$1,580.00$240.00
BSB40215Certificate IV in Business$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
BSB40515Certificate IV in Business Administration$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
BSB50215Diploma of Business$1,000.00NANANANA
BSB30215Certificate III in Customer Engagement$1,000.00NA$1,320.00$1,580.00$240.00
BSB40315Certificate IV in Customer Engagement$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
BSB40615Certificate IV in Business Sales$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
BSB42015Certificate IV in Leadership and Management$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
BSB51915Diploma of Leadership and Management$1,000.00NANANANA
FDF20111Certificate II in Food Processing$1,000.00NA$1,120.00$1,340.00$160.00
FDF30111Certificate III in Food Processing$1,000.00NA$2,190.00$2,620.00$240.00
FDF40110Certificate IV in Food Processing$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
MSM30116Certificate III in Process Manufacturing$1,000.00NA$2,680.00$3,220.00$240.00
MSS20312Certificate II in Competitive Systems and PracticesNANA$1,320.00$1,580.00$160.00
MSS30312Certificate III in Competitive Systems and PracticesNANA$1,400.00$1,690.00$240.00
PMA30116Certificate III in Process Plant Operations$1,000.00NA$2,680.00$3,220.00$240.00
PMB30116Certificate III in Polymer Processing$1,000.00NA$2,680.00$3,220.00$240.00
PMB40116Certificate IV in Polymer Technology$1,000.00$2,000.00NANA$240.00
RII20715Certificate II in Civil Construction$870.00NA$880.00$1,050.00$160.00
RII30815Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant OperationsNA$2,000.00NANA$240.00
RII30915Certificate III in Civil Construction$1,000.00$2,000.00NANA$240.00
RII40615Certificate IV in Civil Construction Operations$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
RII40715Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
SIR30216Certificate III in Retail NANA$1,450.00$1,750.00$240.00
SIR40316Certificate IV in Retail Management$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
TLI21616Certificate II in Warehousing Operations$1,000.00NA$1,010.00$1,210.00$160.00
TLI21815Certificate II in Logistics$1,000.00NA$1,010.00$1,210.00$160.00
TLI31216Certificate III in Driving OperationsNANA$2,410.00$2,900.00$240.00
TLI31616Certificate III in Warehousing Operations$1,000.00NA$2,410.00$2,900.00$240.00
TLI32416Certificate III in Logistics$1,000.00NA$1,480.00$1,780.00$240.00
TLI41816Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
TLI42016Certificate IV in Logistics$1,000.00NANANA$240.00
TLI50415Diploma of Logistics$1,000.00NANANANA

  • This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.
  • Traineeship: New Workers only
  • Apprenticeship: Both New and Existing workers

Details of the Notification of Enrolment Process

As a provider under Smart & Skilled, Newskills must adhere to the eligibility criteria for students, and must only carry out notifications of enrolment via the Portal in accordance with the Notification of Enrolment Process. The Notification of Enrolment Process is carried out before the Newskills enrolment process.

Newskills must firstly obtain the consent of the Prospective Student to the Department’s use of the Prospective Student’s information either through the student signing and electronically accepting a consent box, or by getting verbal consent through a consent statement made available to the Prospective Student.

If the Prospective Student does not provide their consent, Newskills cannot proceed with the Notification of Enrolment process.

The Prospective Student must also declare that:

all information provided by them to Newskills, in connection with the Notification of Enrolment Process is true, accurate, complete and not misleading in any way

they have been made aware of any subcontracting arrangements if applicable; and

they have been provided with the details of the Fee chargeable and the Student Information.

Successful completion of the Notification of Enrolment Process will result in the issue of a Commitment ID.