Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Withdrawal without Penalty

Students will be notified prior to enrolment that they can withdraw from the course within 30 days of commencement whereby reason/s beyond the student’s control; including Acts of God, acts of government authorities, civil strike and riots and receive a full refund of fees paid to date.

Withdrawal after the cut-off date with penalty

When students withdraw from a course after commencement, Newskills requires one weeks’ notice.
Registration fee and pro-rata fees paid will not be refunded

Extenuating circumstances

If for any reason Newskills Limited is unable to complete the training the following Refund Policy will apply:

Newskills agrees to refund within 30 days of commencement without deduction, all fees where the trainee’s application for enrolment is refused by Newskills Limited.

Newskills agrees to refund, within 14 days all fees where Newskills cancels the course or where the commencement of the course is postponed for more than four weeks.

If an employer decides to negotiate extra training there could be an additional fee imposed on the employer or student.