Student Support

Student Support

We pride ourselves on our commitment to respecting the diversity of our participants.

At Newskills, our students are the most important element of our business and we seek to understand, anticipate and be responsive to their needs.

We adjust our training to suit your specific needs

We take into account individual learning styles, educational and cultural backgrounds and adjust the structure, delivery and assessment of our training programs to suit. Those with disabilities are encouraged to access government subsidised training and are supported accordingly.

a�?The outcomes achieved by Newskills in training our employees with different abilities are testimony to the level of support, patience and skill provideda�?

Ellen Burns, Training Manager
Wallara Australia Ltd

Student rights

Each student has a right to:

a�? Equal access to training and assessment services
a�? Avenues for complaint, grievance and appeal
a�? Reasonable adjustment of training products to cater for needs
a�? Confidentiality

We welcome student queries and feedback at any time and formally conduct student surveys during the training program.


If studentsA�are experiencing difficulty with any part of theirA�training program or have any personal challenges that may affect theirA�training, theyA�can make a time with the Account Manager or National Training Manager to discuss theirA�issues. We will be able to refer studentsA�to an external professional organisation for guidance. All communications will be kept in strict confidence.

Pre-Training Review (PTR)

Pre-Training review is a structured assessment of current competencies including literacy and numeracy conducted prior to enrolment to ensure that the trainee is enrolling into a suitable qualification.

Pre-training Review form must be completed independently by the trainee. The Pre-Training review is conducted in a non-threating environment and does not create a barrier to the trainees desire to undertake training with Newskills.

The outcomes of the Pre-Training Review are documented by the Trainer and are used to determine what level of support the trainee may need during the course, determine if the existing training and assessment resources are appropriate to the learner needs, and better understand the traineea��s learning style.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

If you have special needs in language, literacy and numeracy you must alert us to this requirement. Information regarding specialist service options may be provided to you. Newskills will work in cooperation with external specialist service providers to ensure successful outcomes.
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